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About Us

Amid the recent establishment of our company, Apus International in the year 2020, we have been able to advance our business significantly in the marketplace by delivering customers a diverse collection of products.Soyabean Oil, Sunflower oil, Frozen Chicken, Frozen meat, Frozen Buffalo Tripe, Crushed Bones and many such goods are included in our wide range and we sell them in the market at the most reasonable prices. In no time, we have successfully become a prominent manufacturer and supplier of such diversified product range as we maintain the best quality standards in them. In addition, our popularity among the customers is increasing not only because of our varied product portfolio but also due to our ethical ways of conducting business with them.


As a new and upcoming business, our primary objective is to establish a comprehensive set of planning according to which we would work and carry our business to heights. These planning points are focused on our client relationships, marketing campaigns, management skills and other variables of this kind. Some important aspects of our strategy are as follows:
  • To use different platforms to advertise our products in the competitive market.
  • To have a secure and healthy environment for our employees so that they can focus on attaining objectives of our company.
  • To present the highest quality goods to our customers at the lowest possible prices.
  • To guarantee rapid & secure delivery of all the orders of clients.

Our Workforce

The workforce we have in our company is truly incredible as it operates with total commitment and guarantees a consistent production line. For the recruitment of our team, we conduct different levels of assessment & evaluations on the basis of which they are chosen in our company. Our workforce includes numerous experts of the industry who are using their comprehensive experience to produce premium quality of items such as Soyabean Oil, Sunflower oil, Frozen Chicken, Frozen meat, Frozen Buffalo Tripe, Crushed Bones and many more. The team also ensures that the individual needs of the customers are adequately interpreted and met appropriately and quickly. This way, our employees conduct all of the tasks effectively and within a proper timeline.